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Are you looking for Brake for your vehicle?

Underlying issues in your vehicle's braking system can pose a severe threat to driving safety, exposing you to the dangers of road accidents. Auto-experts recommend opting for a routine inspection of your vehicle’s braking system as a precautionary measure.

If you are looking for a reliable workshop in Harlow that offers cost-effective brake inspection and replacement services, The Tyre Shop Harlow  is your ideal go-to destination. We are one of the most trusted car workshops and our team of experts offer prompt and efficient Brake Pads Replacement Harlow for every vehicle.

Our workshop is equipped with the best grade tools and machines. This improves our service efficiency and accuracy, ensuring you can enjoy a safe and uncompromised driving experience.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning braking system

Components of a vehicle's braking system are subjected to wear and tear after constant use. If any part of your vehicle’s braking system gets severely worn out or sustains some other damage you will experience a number of warning signs like:

Car drifting in one direction

If your car drifts in one direction while you apply the brakes, the brake callipers must be damaged. You will need to get them replaced immediately to avoid car handling issues.


Generally, you will experience resistance against your foot on pressing the brake pedal. If you do not feel this resistance and the brake pedal feels soft, it is a tell-tale sign that the brake fluid has reduced below the optimal required level.

Juddering brake pedal

If you notice odd vibrations in the brake pedal, there is a high chance that the rotors of your vehicle's braking system are damaged. If you experience this, you should visit our workshop for a Brake Disc Replacement Harlow at your earliest convenience.

The vehicle does not come to a halt immediately

If your car does not stop immediately on applying brakes, the vacuum brake booster check valve may be damaged. This is a critical issue and you must visit our workshop immediately for a detailed inspection.

Other symptoms you may experience include:

  • Unusual squealing noise while braking
  • Leaking Fluid
  • Burning smell on applying the brakes

How can we help?

If you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms please visit our workshop without any further delay. We will offer you end-to-end assistance by:

  • Carrying out a detailed inspection of all the essential vehicle components like the discs, rotors, callipers, brake pads etc.
  • After identifying the issue we will offer prompt and efficient Brake Disc Replacement Harlow with OE-grade spares.
  • We will also carry out additional checks of related components for safety.
  • Should we find other critical issues we will inform you and offer the necessary solutions.

Sounds good?

Then look no further for ‘Brake Pads Replacement Harlow’ and visit us. We are famous among our clients due to:

  • Our cost-effective rates.
  • Our team of experts.
  • Stock of OE-grade replacement spares.
  • Constant availability during working hours.

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