About Us

Welcome to The Tyre Shop Harlow - Your specialist for tyre and car services.

With us, you get off to a flying start - whether it's vehicle tyres, car servicing or repairs, we are here for you.

Since starting this business, we have been growing steadily, adding more and more services to our inventory. Today we can cater to many different customer requirements.

The Tyre Shop Harlow

As the name suggests, we are tyre specialists. Here on our website, you will be able to find a wide variety of tyres.

Whether you want to spend a bit more money on premium brands, stay within the mid-range or would like to go for cheap tyres Harlow, we have just the right tyres for you.

Even though there is a price difference, we can assure you; we only sell top-quality products. Our experts have specially selected all the tyre brands we sell.

We have tyres for every season and car type available in many different sizes.

Summer Tyres

Made from a hard rubber compound, featuring a lower profile and a unique profile, assure perfect grip during the year's warmer months.

Winter Tyres

Made with a softer rubber compound, a more aggressive profile and sipes, these tyres stay soft and flexible when temperatures drop.

All-season Tyres

A combination of winter- and summer tyres' best features. Intermediate tread and material. A great option as long as the climatic conditions are not too harsh.

4x4 Tyres

Constructed primarily for SUVs. These tyres can easily support the weight of these heavier vehicles and provide excellent grip at all times. We have three variants of 4x4 tyres available - All-terrain, Highway-terrain and Mud-terrain.

Run-flat Tyres

With these tyres, you can drive for about 50 miles at a limited speed even after a puncture. Enough time to reach home or a workshop to get a replacement.

Performance Tyres

Perfectly constructed and designed for sports cars and prestige vehicles. Optimal control and heat dispersion when driving and cornering at high speeds.

You can look at, choose- and buy all our tyre models in-store or directly from our website.

We are confident you will find just the right ones for you.

The Tyre Shop Harlow - your regional partner offering innovative services.

Whether tyres Harlow or car services - we stand for first-class quality.

So, now that you know about our tyres let us quickly mention our other services.

Here at The Tyre Shop Harlow, we also see ourselves as high-quality and competent partners when it comes to car services, where the focus is on you and your car.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Wheel balancing
  • Interim- and full car services
  • Exhaust services and repairs
  • Brake services
  • Suspension checks and repairs
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Hybrid vehicle diagnostics
  • Wheels
  • Vehicle health checks and more

Please have a look at the separate sections on our website where you can find more detailed information about all our services.

We take care of all brands and use only the latest technology and original equipment quality spare parts.

With us, you and your car are in the best hands!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.

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